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Status: 🟢 Online

Stand is a new mod menu that has gained great popularity for its affordability, overall quality and fantastic crashes and kicks. Stand is often called the cheaper alternative to 2take1.

A few of Stand’s most reputable features are:

  • Frequent updates
  • Customizable user interface
  • Affordable price

What is Stand?

Stand is a menu dedicated to the zany side of GTA menus. With an extremely customizable UI, augmented reality, the ability to control stand with your phone, and much more, Stand is the menu you need if you want experience GTA modding at its strangest.


How to Redeem

  • When purchasing you will receive 1 Stand lifetime license key.
  • Your key will be sent to the email you entered when purchasing.
  • Next head over to to sign up and redeem your key.
  • Once your key is redeemed you will be given a key that you can paste into the menu.
  • When you inject into GTA you will be prompted to sign in.

Additional Info

3 reviews for Stand Mod Menu

  1. Ahmed King (verified owner)

    Great price for greatest protections

  2. Ahmed King (verified owner)


  3. a a (verified owner)

    5/5 exellent

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